Integral campaign €“ Anniversary of Berths
Of the 25 of November to the 1 of December of 2013 we realised the integral campaign of 8º Anniversary of Shopping mall Berths. With a total success of participation, we were in charge from the design of the image, to the organization of all the acts and celebrated events in center commercial. 


Graphical campaign

Accomplishment of the final arts for the publication of all the acts. From the general image, to the promotional posters and it scratches them with prize.


From the hiring of €˜Luis Larrodera €˜and the stewardesses to the organization of the assembly of scenes and furniture for the events.

Social networks

Campaigns in Social Networks with publicity and contests for the followers.

Mass media

Emission of Wedges of Radio, writing and production of microspaces and contests. Announcements and news articles in press. Production of Spot of 30 ' €˜of TV.



you scratch and wins distributed


direct gifts


days of celebrations


unique visitors in a day

Spot and summary of the Anniversary
Gallery of images