Integral campaign €“ Green Dot
Ecoembalajes Spain €“ Green Dot has trusting in our agency for the accomplishment of their campaigns in Soria from year 2010. Urban billboards, buses, press, radio, television, installation of informative carps, articles of merchandising, door-to-doors, call to mass media, micro-spaces of radio, production of video-documentary€¦ They jointly form - an integral campaign with an ONLY message: WE RECYCLE. It really is a good opportunity for all of us, and we are using a vps hosting reseller to ensure that everyone gets the chance to know about this. Using a best cheap vps hosting has been helping us a lot and giving us a lot of benefits. One of it is that it is helping with OsCommerce, PHP, MySQL, etc. There are also other types like a dedicated server for game hosting that you can use. Also you can check cheap web hosting unlimited bandwidth out.


Informative carp

Installation in center of the city. Accomplishment of campaign of awareness, scholastic factories and merchandising article distribution.

Door-to-door (double)

Special campaign with positioning of Post in each mailbox warning of the delivery of important information for the environment.

Outer publicity

Exhibition in Outer Fences, Urban Buses, Mupis, and Integral rotulaci³n of Marquee.

Mass media

Emission of Wedges of Radio, writing and production of microspaces and contests. Announcements and news articles in press. Production of documentary of 4 and 1 min. and Spot of 30 ' €˜of TV on the cycle of recycling.


visitors to the carp


contracts of commitment with the recycling signed


buzoneados diptyches


articles of distributed merchandising

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